Welcome, my name is Kyle Hefley, I'm a Senior Character artist working at 343 Industries. Currently working on Halo.

Sortadone is my work-in-progress blog. Here is where I will be posting WIP updates on projects as I make them, or that is the idea anyway. I usually juggle multiple projects at the same time. This isn't because I'm really good at multitasking, it is because in my personal work I have a really, really, really, short attention span...

Anyways if you come across a project I've neglected or just simply got bored with, give me a shout at khefley83@gmail.com and I'll either email you back telling you why that project sucked and why I abandoned it, or you may spark my imagination and make me consider doing something with it again.

I hope you enjoy what you see and come back regularly to see what is new.


Bat Man

3/13/2011 - Detailing away. Got a few hours today to work on detailing the head. I need to do a similar pass on each hand before moving onto texturing.
3/7/2011 - WIP version of the pose I am working on for this character. Wanted to do something with him "coming into the light." The original base mesh I was using didn't have a mouth sock, so I had to seperate the head, so I am sorting out some blending issue at the moment. The body is still very wip and the clothing still needs some adjustment... but it is getting there.

3/01/11 - Added a shirt... not too much else to say at this juncture.

2/27/11 - Continuing to work on the head and some of the extra details. Tried to do a mixture of Marcus from Underworld, and the Bat Creature by Aris Kolokonte.While still trying to make it look somewhat original.

P.S. I'm trying a new linking for uploading images, google seems to have changed their compression when uploading photos, so the image above is going through Flickr. Any issues seeing it, shoot me an email.

2/24/11 - Work in progress bat man mutant. Wing design is based on a sketch by Carlo Arellano.


Mohammad.Modarres said...

your works always inspiring,keep updating man

Carlo Arellano said...

courtedeI am honored :)