Welcome, my name is Kyle Hefley, I'm a Senior Character artist working at 343 Industries. Currently working on Halo.

Sortadone is my work-in-progress blog. Here is where I will be posting WIP updates on projects as I make them, or that is the idea anyway. I usually juggle multiple projects at the same time. This isn't because I'm really good at multitasking, it is because in my personal work I have a really, really, really, short attention span...

Anyways if you come across a project I've neglected or just simply got bored with, give me a shout at khefley83@gmail.com and I'll either email you back telling you why that project sucked and why I abandoned it, or you may spark my imagination and make me consider doing something with it again.

I hope you enjoy what you see and come back regularly to see what is new.


Halo 4: Watcher

Forerunner Watcher
Built and textured these little guys that launch out of the Forerunner Knights.
(High-Res Knight by Sean Binder)

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Joe Alcorn said...

I'm working on a Spartan Ops diorama right now. I'll have to email you some pics. I think you'll enjoy it.